IAMCT (International Association of Microsoft Certified Trainers) is association that brings together the premier technical and instructional experts on Microsoft technologies – Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) – from all over World.

The association builds stronger and bigger community, enhances competency and expands knowledge of it members through various activities such as trainings, meetings, summits.

Each chapter represents one country that is managed by Country Lead. At the moment IAMCT consists of many chapters from all over the World and is constantly growing.

One of the goals of IAMCT is to organize MCT Live Summits, an important event where Microsoft Certified Trainers can interact in person to increase knowledge exchange, get training, communicate and much more. The Summits are not the only reason IAMCT exist: sharing knowledge, expanding and growing personally and through business opportunities, as well as helping each other in many ways, being the best technical experts in the World!

IAMCT has various partners that help our members in different ways and offer various benefits. On growing list of offers and benefits are book discounts, worldwide Best Western Hotels discounts, events participation, free Microsoft Certification exams (available in Sweden), free VMWare products and more.

If you are a Microsoft Certified Trainer you can become a member by registering and submitting your MCT ID, MCT Transcript ID and Access Code for verification.

If you are Most Valuable Professional (MVP) or Regional Director (RD), but you are NOT Microsoft Certified Trainer, please contact your Country Lead for more instructions how to join IAMCT.

Please visit IAMCT for more information and join us!

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