Schedule your exam now!

One of the best exam preparation tips is to schedule your exam weeks in advance! Schedule an exam even before you start to study!

Wait! What are you talking about?!? Are you out of your mind?!

No, I’m serious: schedule your exams in advance and make a note in calendar (on a wall, phone or in Outlook). That way you:

1. Set your mind toward achieving your goal

2. You actually have something "tangible", that is "an end" of your studies that is no longer only "a wish" in your mind but actual date

3. You won’t schedule it "when you are ready". You HAVE TO be ready by the date you have set

4. You will loose your money if you don’t show up. If you reschedule or cancel bookings that are 15 or more days from the date of original booking you won’t be charged. But you are serious about studying and taking exams and this shouldn’t be your option

5. PLEASE, don’t say that you are going to TRY to take and pass the exam. This is nonsense. You have to study to understand and to learn.

And you ARE going to take the exam TO PASS, not to TRY TO PASS.
Of course, if you have a VALID reason to reschedule you will do it, but avoiding to take an exam won’t earn you passing score.

Good luck!