Around The World In 40 Days

Around The World In 40 Days

Although it’s been there for a while I almost forgot about it after I’ve seen it for a first time. I was looking for some trip advices when I remembered that Around The World In 40 Days has nice information gathered in one place in a format that is very convenient and easy to use.

40 bloggers created 40 OneNote 2010 Notebooks containing information and advices from 40 cities around the world, in 40 days. By now all 40 cities are done and you can download all of them as OneNote 2010 Notebooks for reading and editing on your own computer. If you don’t have OneNote 2010 (yet) then you can download the trial or preview Notebooks vie the Web App.

It’s a nice showcase of what OneNote can do. I always do my planning in OneNote when combining online sources because it is so versatile and has a lot of great features. I still use plain, old, paper notebook, and it complements my electronic version perfectly, but much less often than I used to (saves paper, go green!).


Link: Around The World In 40 Days