Office 2010 “Getting Started” Screensaver

Office_h_webDo you use Office 2010? I you don’t, why not? If you do, then this is the right thing for you! Well, either you are using Office 2010 or not I suggest that you download the screensaver and try it for yourself.

Office 2010 “Getting Started” Screensaver is nice looking screensaver that shows tips from Office 2010 applications. Clean looking and packed with interesting tips it should definitely be part of your computer for a while. You could learn something, too!

Take a preview at Video 1 and Video 2. After that go straight to Office 2010 Getting Started Screensaver download page and install it.


P.S. How can you learn something from a screensaver that starts when you are NOT using your computer and when you are AWAY from it? Confused smile

If you are like me, reading books and writing on the paper while working on a computer, then you might take a look at it. Either way, go for it! 5TTHF993EAY4