How to number every nth line in Word 2013

In special occasions, you might want to number lines in text. Adding line numbers in Word is straightforward.

NOTE: This is not paragraph or text numbering, but line numbering, which are two distinct things. Read on…

What if you do not want Word to number every line but instead you want numbered, for example, every fifth line? Not a problem at all.

  1. On Page Layout tab, click on Line Numbers and click Line Numbering Options…

    Alternatively, you can click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the Page Setup section.

  2. Page Setup opens. Click on Line Numbers…

  3. Line Numbers windows opens. Checking Add line numbering box makes the options available.

  4. You can start numbering at a specific number (Start at), control number position (From text) and number every nth line (Count by). If you don’t need continuous numbering, choose between restarting numbering on each page or each section.
  5. Type or click arrows to enter number 5 in Count by

  6. Click OK
  7. Click OK again to close Page Setup window.

And voilà! Easy, isn’t it?

Look at the difference between line numbering and paragraph (text) numbering: